Christos Bookcenter special event supporting Next Chapter Ministries

Information has a way of changing our world. Reading books has contributed to endless numbers of leaders by helping them to have the information they need to impact the world around them. The problem is that many have strayed from reading, in fact, The National Endowment for Arts found that “only 43 % of U.S. adults read any type of literature required for work or school” --- this percentage is the lowest in three years. 


What are the consequences of this? I believe that people lack construct, conviction and therefore have become very uncommitted. For children entering into the elementary school setting, they enter in ill-prepared. Interestedly enough, there is much literature out that says we can determine the school-to-prison pipeline by 3rd-grade test scores, and some suggestions as early as 1st-grade scores. This is supported by research that says 40% of adults in prison cannot read at a 4th-grade level. This is a problem!

But this Saturday, December 8th, you can help counter these dismal realities by purchasing books for your friends, family members, and/or co-workers from Christos Bookcenter. As a way of countering the data presented and supporting families immersed in the cycle of crime, Christos Bookcenter will donate back 50% of proceeds to Next Chapter Ministries. 

Christos Bookcenter is located inside of Autumn Ridge Church at 3611 Salem Rd SW, Rochester, MN, 55902 and is open from 8am-7pm for this special event. Click the “learn more” button below for more details about this great opportunity and to share with others!

Thank you all for your support! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Support Next Chapter Ministries December 8th from 8am-7pm at Christos Bookcenter