Staff and volunteers go into the Olmsted County Adult Detention Center (ADC) and Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) each week to lead Bible studies, classes, and support groups with the men, women, and youth at these sites.  During these visits, NCM ambassadors share the good news of God's love, forgiveness, hope, and salvation, as well as support and guidance that will be of benefit to these individuals after they transition from incarceration. It is at these weekly Bible studies that many of Next Chapter Ministries' relationships begin, and the hope is that these relationships will continue long after release.   

As adult detainees transition from the Olmsted County ADC to the Olmsted County Work Release Facility, NCM staff are available to bring them to Bible studies and groups at our NCM Main Site. This helps individuals to grow in their faith, to be welcomed into a welcoming, trauma-informed home for a delicious meal and engaging study, and to continue to deepen the supportive relationships that began while incarcerated.

In an effort to stay connected with men, women, and youth while incarcerated or in treatment, Next Chapter Ministries also corresponds with letters of encouragement and support. This is also an opportunity for volunteers to positively impact lives by joining our efforts and becoming a Pen Pal. These volunteers can bring hope and compassion to a lonely incarceration or treatment environment with a simple letter.