Praise be to God for the Generosity he has given HIS People

by: Joy Cole

Glory and Grace to God in the highest! Today warmth fell upon the staff that were present when Mike Enke and Bob Yanish stopped by with a 15 passenger van for Next Chapter Ministries. Rochester Toyota and Perkins-Yanish Restaurants graciously made it possible for Next Chapter to continue safely transporting participants of various services/ministries at Next Chapter.

As a parent, as an employee, as a Disciple for and to the Lord, I feel so much better about our drivers getting behind the wheel to assist in transportation for our ministries, knowing that no matter who is securing themselves in the seat, they will be safe. It is such a wonderful feeling to see and feel the love, grace, and glory of God at work in this community that embraces, lifts up in prayer, and supports those whose lives have been impacted by crime. This new vehicle will allow those individuals to be transported safely to and from the programs and services at Next Chapter Ministries. THANK YOU, Rochester Toyota (Mike Enke) and Perkins-Yanish Restaurants (Bob Yanish)!