The Fellowship Women Head to "Devoted Hearts"

By Roxy Zenker

A few of us Next Chapter women attended the Devoted Hearts conference this past weekend. We learned a few helpful tips from speakers Karen Kingsbury and Margaret Feinberg. We learned to marinate in the truth of God's first love for you. We also learned that fear and love cannot co-exist inside the brain. When we are in Christ's love, fear fleas.

We were taught how important it is to recognize that our heavenly Father wants to speak to us and that He is for us. We must believe this as we continue to flourish in our relationship with Him.

Karen states three things that are so true: You are a daughter of the King, You are beautiful, and You are loved. We shall rejoice when there is nothing to rejoice about and we shall laugh a lot. You will become what you proclaim. We were so encouraged to keep moving forward in life and to keep loving the way God loves us. What an amazing weekend we had with Christ and fellow sisters in Christ. We were so grateful for those that made it possible for the women of the Fellowship Home to participate!