REBUILD Fatherhood: Restoring and Transforming Relationships

When it comes to broken relationships with children and their fathers, the statistics are daunting. One might assume with 1 in 3 homes in the United States operating without a biological father in the home, that dads are no longer needed. But this is not the case!

Brett Copeland who is a child psychologist in Tacoma, Washington states, “Fathers and mothers have unique and complimentary roles. Fathers encourage competition, independence, and achievement. Mothers encourage equity, security, and collaboration.”

Fathers are needed by their children, and REBUILD Fatherhood is one of Next Chapter Ministries’ newest ministries which provides this opportunity.

We launched the first REBUILD night on January 27th, and were able to welcome 6 fathers and 10 children into what will become a monthly family night.

One of the things that REBUILD will offer to fathers and their children is a platform for them to engage in stimulating activities together. Our evening started with fathers being able to take silly, serious, and loving pictures with their children using a photo backdrop and various props. Shortly after the pictures were taken, fathers were able to put words to pen and paper and share what they loved most about their children, while the children were able to work with one of our staff members on things they felt about their fathers. They then were given an opportunity to share with each other. Tony Dugstad shared with his daughter with tears in his eyes how much he loved her and promised to “take care of her and provide for her needs.”

“This evening was amazing...It was a rebuilding block for all those involved.”
— Tierre Webster, Executive Director

As the night went on, fathers showed that they are not limited by what was once thought of as a traditional role of a mother-they cooked and served their children dinner. This allowed for laughter, a full belly, and lots of anticipation of what was next. The night ended with fathers and their children putting their hands in paint and once again making remarks of their children and children making statements about the love they have for their fathers on the projects they were able to take home.

“This evening was amazing. It reminds me of the importance of dads being emotionally invested in their children’s lives. I witnessed the pride that each child had of their father and the anticipation that they had of them affirming them. This night was a rebuilding block for all those involved." -Tierre Webster

Watch REBUILD featured on KAAL TV, click on the link below!