In the Season of Advent

Next Chapter Friends,

Entering into this Advent Season can be very exciting. It was the first coming of baby Jesus that brought salvation to an awaiting world. The earth was called to receive this child with joy and praise (Luke 2:8- 14). At Next Chapter Ministries, it’s this same agent that provides deliverance affording the participants access to new life through Jesus Christ. With significant growth in 2017, there are multiple stories of victory to share. This growth coupled with the excitement of the birth of Jesus propels us into 2018. As we end this year we want to be able to complete the year with a total victory. We have completed the transitions that have led to opening our 3rd Men’s Home now known as Discipleship House III. This home allows us to have more residents then we have had in the history of Next Chapter Ministries. Our Women’s Ministry continues to serve women impacted by crime in innovative ways in their new home called the Women’s Lighthouse. Lastly, The Refuge which is the first Trauma Informed Home of its kind in the Rochester Area. With this home, we will be launching TreeHouse Ministries with a strong emphasis on building relationships with teenagers that have been directly impacted by the cycle of crime. This is where you get to share in another victory. In order to end the year strong, we need to yet raise $17,000. Will you help us by writing a check of any amount or going to our website and paying through our online process (  Again we thank you and look forward to sharing more stories of victory in 2018.


Tierre A. Webster

Executive Director

Next Chapter Ministries

 "Gospel Transformation and Restoration"