Operating In the Spirit of Excellence

An Annual Give-A-Thon is very common for nonprofits. Many of our organizations learn to stretch a penny while yet operating in a spirit of excellence. This is no different for Next Chapter Ministries. What is different for Next Chapter Ministries is that unlike many of our nonprofit peers we have a Christ-Centered holistic approach. This makes things very exciting because we lean on supernatural provision. That provision comes in many forms. In fact just this month we had grants and funding come from the following; Peoples Energy Co-op, Rochester Area Foundation, and a volunteer put together a local fundraiser with Dwell Local.
Another exciting story includes a time I spent at a local coffee shop. While there I was sharing with a potential board member the story of Next Chapter Ministries and what we do to build “lasting relationships with those impacted by crime”. As we were talking a lady came up and placed a donation on the table and said “please keep having these meetings in public places”. This was a supernatural provision. 
We again are in need of supernatural provision and are asking you to help be an answer to prayer. There are so many new and neat things happening here at Next Chapter Ministries. Yet we are in need of over $40,000 in this last month and a half. Please consider being a conduit of the Supernatural.


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